All class and training participants are asked to follow a set of agreements, which clarify facilitator expectations and provide a sense of safety and predictability for group members.

Any personal information learned about fellow participants must not be shared or discussed outside of the training or class.

No Put Downs
To ensure a safe environment where frank discussion can occur, put downs of yourself, of others, or of groups of people based upon religion, race, sexual orientation, age, and gender, are not allowed.

The Right to Pass/The Right to Risk
Participants may exercise their right to not participate in a particular activity, understanding that personal growth and change occur when they step outside their comfort zones and take risks.

The Right to Let it Stand
Each participant has the right to state their personal opinion, without having it disputed, shamed, or ridiculed.

Feelings are Honored and Present
Participants are encouraged to recognize and acknowledge their emotional response to discussions and situations as a critical part of self-examination.

We ask participants to listen attentively to every speaker and prevent distractions from side conversations, discussion monopolization, and cell phone and pagers.

“I” Statements
To encourage responsibility for actions, we ask participants to couch their statements from their perspective, using “I” instead of “we,” and “they.”

Taking Care of Yourself
Participants are asked to take care of their physical needs, so they can be alert and present, and their emotional needs, by not sharing personal information that makes them feel overly exposed or vulnerable.

Trying on the Process
Although the group process used may be new to many, we request that participants suspend judgment and remain open to what the class or training may offer.

No Drugs or Alcohol
Participants must come to class not under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol.

In circumstances where one participant holds power over another, usually supervisory, we expect that information gleaned during a training or class will not be used against that individual later.